Construction Cutout
To keep a home's windows and doors looking and operating great for years, we use proper techniques to protect against air and moisture leaks in all critical detail areas.
Radiant barrier roof decking reflects up to 97% of the hot Texas sun radiant heat, lowering temperatures in the attic space which improves the overall efficiency of your home.
An environmentally engineered flooring system drastically reduces floor noise caused by joist shrinkage, and maintains a strong, solid and secure floor.
Mechanically controlled fresh air intake with 4" high MERV filter provides for optimal indoor air quality.
Sole plate sealer reduces air infiltration into home from outside environment.
Properly sized and installed state-of-the-art heating and cooling equipment is important for balanced heating and cooling throughout the home to ensure efficiency. We use high efficiency 16 SEER equipment for maximum energy savings.
Engineered, certified, and inspected foundations ensure a solid structural foundation for years to come.
On-site custom framing promises quality materials and higher standards of internal and external architecture. Engineered studs are used whenever possible.
Exterior Cementious siding with minimum 25 years guarantee requires less maintenance and is environmentally friendly.
R-30 ceiling and R-13 wall insulation contributes to maximum indoor comfort and energy savings.
Double pane, low e windows with 366 glass provide energy efficiency, lower utility costs and noise reduction.